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Hello All! Thanks for checking out Northern Star. We're very sorry we missed you. As you can see, the board is offline.

Tabs and I have been incredibly busy with life and whatnot, and haven't had the ability to devote the proper amount of time to this board that we love so much. We aren't closed forever, though we don't have a time on when we will open again, but do keep an eye out! We hope that next time we open the site again, it will be even better and just as loved. We thank all of our members for the support and enthusiasm while we were open, and we love you dearly and wish you the best in life, both online and off.

As we said, this is not goodbye forever. Members that have accounts that have been accepted and sorted are still able to login and view the board in order to read and retrieve posts/profiles. Anyone that has questions regarding the board and it's contents are welcome to email Chromatic at

Lots of love and good wishes,
Chromatic and Tabs

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